Movie Stars Through the Ages

During the Golden Age of Movies, by the thirties to the fifties, allout glamor was the fashion, and everywoman who travelled to the cinema wanted to seem just like her favourite movie celebrity. Marilyn Munroe using her in blonde hair or Rita Hayworth made being a red head very popular.

Accomplishing the design of this age, the hour-glass curve, could not have been easy but picture stars like Grace Kelly and Lauren Bacall managed to make it look like that so women wouldn’t go out with no girdles, to ensure a small waist and petticoats to create their skirts seem fuller.

During the late fifties, matters did unwind a little and whilst actresses such as Honor Blackman, Natalie Wood and Joan Collins weren’t permitted to be observed with no full face of makeupthey were allowed to put on jeans and jumpers whenever these certainly weren’t working.

Compare this with the actresses of today. Most are exceptionally amazing in a more conventional way. Many are stick thin and prefer not to wear a lot of makeup and also possess hairstyles that everybody else can manage, even though there will be the exceptions. Dita Von Teese, goes to the all-out glamor look at all times and the’big movie star look’ arrives in strong the red carpet or for award evenings.

Male film stars haven’t changed quite so radically over time. By way of instance men’s hairstyles didn’t change that far from the 20’s through to the 50’s. They continued to head short, usually slicking back the hair with acrylic and later brycream. Down the Road celebrities became fresh cut at the Manner of Gary Cooper and Rock Hudson.

Even the’Big Action’ moviestar hasn’t changed that much through recent years. Again Errol Flynn and Gary Cooper spring into head combined with Burt Reynolds, Steve McQueen and John Wayne. The difference now is that if film stars aren’t joyful or physically unable to perform their own stunts, they are sometimes created by the special effects section.

Many individuals want to amass fim celebrity autographs to offer as presents and also to decorate their own homes.

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